Educational Staff

At Gaderie Montessori, we believe educators have an important role to play in the game – they explain what is going to happen, join the kids in their activities, and assist them in solving any problems that may arise. They are actively involved and help create a fun experience for everyone!

Our Care Giver’s goal is to help the kids develop independence and communication skills through fun activities, which encourages problem-solving and exploration. All of these benefits help create an enriching learning environment for them.

Furthermore, they provide guidance and support to children, monitoring their activities while helping them develop their skills and expertise. Our educators are key players in making games fun, engaging, and educational. They provide guidance, explain rules and join in the activities with kids, helping to solve any issues that may arise.

Every month, a fresh and stimulating theme will be carefully selected for us to focus on, ensuring that there is never a dull moment. This helps to keep the children’s creative juices flowing and motivates them to stay engaged with the task at hand. For instance, in September, we may discuss Apples and Autumn, Pumpkin and Halloween in October, and Change of season could be the theme for November.

We abide strictly by the Ministry of Family and Seniors’ rules. Our educators are also qualified according to the 3:2 ratio, certified by CPR, first aid and undergo police background check.

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